Center Rules

Meditation Center

These facilities have been provided by generous donors, for the sake of merits based on confidence in the triple gem.

One should use these facilities for the development of one's spiritual qualities and not for worldly purpose.

Your considerate attitude and behavior help to develop your own spiritual qualities, and also help other meditators here to walk in the Dhamma path undisturbed.

Don't use telephones, Tabs, Laptop or radios during your stay here.

Between 9.00 am to 10.00 am you should clean your premises and surrounding area. it is your duty and responsibility as a meditator.

In leaving the center, you should take all your personal belongings with you. Please, don't leave anything behind or ask permission to do so.

If you don't observe these guidelines, you will not be allowed to continue in your residence, this will also negatively impact your chances of returning to this center at a future date.

General Rules for Yogis

New yogis are received only between 9.00am and 3.30pm.

Yogis should state the length of time they are planning to reside at the center and then leave at the end of this period, unless authorized by the chief monk. (It does not apply to kuti's owners)

Upon registration, when a Yogi receives the kuti / room key he/she is requested to hand over an identity card to the Office staff. It will be given back before leaving the center and having returned the key.

During their permanence Yogis are discouraged of using smartphones, laptops, mp3players and similar equipment, these are unsuitable for the meditation practice. For a successful retreat Yogis are encouraged to live their electronic equipment in the Office's safe.

Outside scheduled retreats, Yogis can do their own meditation practice but are not allowed to discuss about it, nor can instruct other Yogis under any circumstances.

Bedding: at the end of your retreat, next to leave the center please wash the bed linen, pillow cover, blanket, and mosquito net before returning them.

When lightning storms are coming, please disconnect electric / electronic equipment from the wall sockets.

Please avoid feeding and pet any dog or cat in the center. They should not be encouraged to come in any way as they cause trouble to other animals like squirrels, birds, lizard etc. and may disturb resident yogis and monks. Avoid feeding other animals too, they find enough food from trees and the ground.

Occasionally, if a visitor come to meet a Yogi, they should not talk in the Yogi's Quarter but in the Office or in the Dining Hall (only after lunch time). Visitors can stay until 6.00pm only.

Dining Hall (dana sala)

Refrain from taking food items from the dining hall to the "KUTI".

Abstain from talking while having meals.

Remember to practice SATI or METTA during meals.

Taking cutlery and crockery out of the dining hall is prohibited.

Leaving personal items such as cutlery or crockery in the dining hall is prohibited.

Ensure to empty the left-over of your plate properly in to the bin and not in to the sink.

Wearing footwear inside the dining hall is prohibited.

Make sure to leave the dining hall by 7.00am after breakfast and by 12.00am after lunch for cleaning.

You are instructed to clean the dish wash area every day.

Yogi's Residence (Upasakaramaya)

In order to live in harmony with fellow Yogis, everyone is encouraged to stick to these rules:

Footwear is not allowed inside the building, please remove it and place outside the entrance, taking care not to leave it in the middle of the passage.

Talking is a hindrance for meditation, avoid all chats unless for organizing chores or other necessities.

Avoid making unnecessary noise specially at night, avoid taking shower or washing clothes after 10pm and before 4.00am.

Between 10pm and 4am light must be switched off, even inside the room. If you need to go to the toilet, please use a torch lamp.

Keep the premises clean, tidy, and dry specially toilets, showers, and the kitchen area; once you finish to do your things make sure to leave the facilities clean and possibly dry as you have found it (use the rubber bladed tools or mops).

Cleaning duties are to be performed between 9.00am and 10.00am. Toilets, showers, wash basins are to be cleaned on daily basis, common area floor is to be swiped and possibly mopped too. The area around the building should be swiped daily, the leaves collected and removed.

Meditation Hall (Padhanagharaya)

Please kindly note that the following activities are PROHIBITED in the meditation hall:

Using mobile phone and similar devices.


Reading book etc...


Wearing footwear.